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Ask for co-sponsors HB3878/SB1238 (Gas Station Refueling Accessibility)


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Please Co-Sponsor HB3878/SB1238 to Increase Accessibility at Gas Stations

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The Greater Illinois Chapter and Gateway Area Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society advocate for passage of the amendment to the Motor Fuel Sales Act which gives people with disabilities greater access at gasoline service stations in the community.

The existing law provides refueling assistance at gas stations and service stations upon the request of an individual with a disability by honking or signaling an employee. However, service to people needing assistance still poses a challenge especially when they are not being heard or seen by the gas station employee and the button to push for assistance is unreachable.

By supporting this bill, gas stations will be required to add a calling device or a phone number posted on the gas pumps to make it easier for people with disabilities to refuel and be a participant in the community.

Your support of this legislation will benefit the thousands of people living with multiple sclerosis and other disabilities in Illinois. The passage of HB3878/SB1238 will provide people with disabilities greater access and increased participation in the community.

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