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Support access to affordable MS drugs


State capitol buttonOver the past 20 years, due to advances in medical research, remarkable progress has been made in treating the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis (MS). Nine disease-modifying drugs - such as Avonex, Copaxone and Rebif - allow people with MS to continue to work, live independently and enjoy high-quality live previously unattainable.

That's why these medications must remain accessible and affordable. Yet, the cost of these drugs joepardizes access. With the annual wholesale cost of some MS medications approaching $60,000, health plans ahve increased enrollee cost-sharing and instituted specialty tiers. That has led to people with MS discontinuing or reducing use of theese life-sustaining treatments.

As decisions are being made about health care in Iowa, ask your legislator to support equiatable and adequate coverage of MS treatments, cap and reduce their out-of-pocket costs, eliminate specialty tiering and further study of the implications between cost and access. 

Contact your legislators today!

This action alert is for residents of the following states only: Iowa