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Maryland Advocacy

Thank you for sharing your story and asking our state lawmakers to establish a paid leave program and ensure continuity of care.


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Dear [Decision Maker],

This week, MS Activists visited the Capitol for our Maryland State Action Day. I join with them and other Marylanders who are affected by multiple sclerosis and ask that you support the creation of a paid leave program so that people can take the time off that they need without facing harmful financial implications. We also ask that you pass legislation to ensure continuity of care - so Marylanders can maintain access to their medication for the duration of their insurance contract.

The Time to Care Act of 2019 (HB 341 / SB 500) is a major step toward ensuring that all working Marylanders can afford to take leave when they need time to care for family members or themselves. The Act will establish a Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program. A fund pool, into which both employees and employers contribute, would provide workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for new children, other family members with serious health conditions or disabilities, or themselves.

HB 435 and SB 405 would prevent mid-year formulary changes. Continuity of care can be disrupted when health insurers change prescription drug benefits during the plan year. Sudden changes in coverage can force stable patients to stop taking their medication or switch to a less desired therapy. Decisions about prescription drugs should not be made for non-medical reasons during the insurance plan year.

Thank you for considering our priority issues. The National MS Society looks forward to following up with you later in the session.

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