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Eric_51_2.gifEric Small, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, is a special inspiration to anyone who has a disabling disease like multiple sclerosis. More than 50 years ago, Eric was diagnosed with MS, and today he's a vibrant testament to yoga's power to cope with this unpredictable disease.

This special video offers yoga adapted for people with MS or other disabilities. With this 100-minute DVD, the viewer can move logically through a sequence of breathing, postures and guided relaxation as part of the practice of yoga. Options have been provided for individuals who are ambulatory and non-ambulatory who have comfortable sitting balance and some upper body strength.

If you have never experienced yoga before, we strongly encourage you to consult a yoga professional to identify modifications to meet your special needs.  If you have been a participant in the practice of yoga, you may feel comfortable using this video to help continue your work at home.

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