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When you join MS Rockstars, you gain access to the most comprehensive and cutting-edge training program in Southern California or Arizona.  You will receive continual support and training advice from experienced coaches to assure a successful training and racing experience. Your coaches will guide you through a program tailored to suit your abilities so that you can complete your first half marathon or set a new PR!  As an MS Rockstar, you will also enjoy the camaraderie of team members who share your goals.

RU MS ROCKSTAR TRAINING PROGRAMS purpose is to progress running health and wellness to every one of all ages and abilities while accomplishing something bigger than ourselves. It's dynamic program is founded upon Applied Functional Science®, which naturally integrates the physical, biological, and behavioral sciences, creating a logical system for building the fitness and endurance to accomplish your goals.  We utilize the mind, body, and spirit to challenge each individual to keep their body in line with their heart every step of the way.

This program empowers each and every person to be an athlete - one who perspires and inspires and  cultivates each athlete's abilities and personal capacity to contribute to the wellbeing of themselves and others.

This program is a trusted, world-class program powered by Rehab United. For over 15 years, RU has been nationally acclaimed for its innovative approach, development, and implementation of running and training programs in transforming the lives of people through performance, prevention, and rehabilitation training.  Rehab United is proud to continue and develop this program in San Diego with the MS Society.

Rehab United Physical Therapy & Sports Performance Center developed the 12-week training program (and will lead the San Diego group).  RU Sports Performance Center's integration of applied functional science and sport-specific training maximizes athletic potential while minimizing injury risk. The coaches at Team RU embrace the opportunity to help you reach your goals, whether its your first race or the PR you're striving for! After signing up you will be assigned a training team dependent on your location, and your local coach will keep you informed about training schedules, plans, runs and sessions.

The 12-Week MS Rockstars Training Program Includes:

  • Minimum of one group workout per week

  •  Detailed, flexible and personalized training program
  • Educational seminars (injury prevention, flexibility, strength training, nutrition)

  • Exclusive weekly training tips (videos and blog)

  • Exclusive access to online training forum

  • Biomechanics analysis

  • Professional coaching

  • Discounts from program sponsors (may differ by training area)

  • Group socials (this is definitely the “work hard-play hard” crew)

Coaching Director: Bryan Hill, PT, FAFS, RU Sports Performance Director

Training groups will be offered in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe area in Arizona, as well as in Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego and Riverside counties in Southern California.  Not a local to one of those areas . . . as an MS Rockstar you can still participate in our online training program!

After signing up, your local coach will keep you informed about the training schedule and group workouts.

The online component will be hosted by our online training partner Training Peaks.

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