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Moms with MS

July 1, 2009 was a day that changed the world of Mothers diagnosed with MS. MomsWithMS.com was launched as an online community exclusively for Moms who are dealing with both the joys and challenges of parenthood, and an unpredictable auto-immune disorder that does anything from take away the use of limbs, loss of sight, changes in feeling and more than anything, predictability around what will happen next.

Now it is less than a year later, and we have over 330 members on the website in over 35 states, and over 6 countries. In addition to this a local Seattle meetup group consisting of almost 2 dozen moms.

There are more moms who need this kind of support out there. Moms with MS need to know they are not alone, to have friends who have or are going through it to compare notes. There is not any kind of other organization out there providing this mom to mom support out there.

Learn more at - our Facebook page.

Moms with MS Community: http://www.MomsWithMS.com

Moms with MS Team & Sponsor information: http://www.MomsWithMS.org

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