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Kristin Barnes
Programs Manager
ext. 60106

Arlene Finch
Development Manager
ext. 60113

Amanda Smith
Services & Advocacy Manager
ext. 60103

Michelle MacCracken
Director of Finance
ext. 60117

Steven Niemann
Corporate Development Manager
ext. 60105

Eddie Rauen
Executive Vice President 
ext. 60102

Rebekah Schraer
Director of Logistics 
ext. 60111

Andy Thomas
Development Coordinator
ext. 60120

Terri Veigl
System Administrator
ext. 60101

Rich Walburg
Director of Communications
ext. 60115

Mary Wright
Executive Assistant/Office Manager
ext. 60111

4440 Lake Forest Dr Ste 120
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Phone: 513-956-4110
Toll Free: 1-800-344-4867
Fax: 513-769-6019