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Scholarship Winners Give Service

Giving back to the community takes on a whole new, heartfelt meaning when two MS Society scholarship winners show us how it’s done. Anja Peterson, diagnosed as a teenager, and Ryan Jensen, whose mother was diagnosed a few months after he was born, are successful students at Utah State University, Logan, Utah, while also volunteering for Bike MS.

Although not able to ride a bike herself due to balance issues, Anja formed Team Not MS’n Around, raised funds and provided support to her team. She also volunteered last year as a speaker during the event’s Saturday night program. She recently completed her freshman year and is studying neurobiology so that she can become a researcher for diseases including MS. She refuses to let MS hold her back from her life goals.

Ryan knows what it’s like to have a parent with MS. He is determined to show his mother his love by supporting the MS Society. He recruited other USU students to help him serve the lunch and dinner portions of the 29th annual Bike MS event. Ryan’s double major is global communications and Spanish. The Herald Journal featured him in a Good Neighbor section of the newspaper. Read the story at http://bit.ly/1KnyJ3NThank you Anja and Ryan for paying it forward!


Utah State student, Ryan Jensen
Photo courtesy of HJNews.com 

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Upcoming Events

We’ll be taking a break from educational programming during the heat of the summer months, but keep your eye out for terrific upcoming programs in the fall:

9/5 Free From Falls - Boise

9/8 MS 101, West Jordan

9/12 MS Walk Northern Utah - Ogden

9/15 Preparing for MS Doctor Visits*

9/17 Preparing for MS Doctor Visits*

9/19 Walk MS - Idaho Falls

9/19 Walk MS - Twin Falls

9/19 Walk MS - Wood River

*Denotes a teleconference

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Repurposing Successful Therapies to Treat MS 

Results from a recent study found that a medication commonly used to prevent seizures in epilepsy may protect nerves in the eye from damage and has the potential to slow the accumulation of disability in people with MS.

Background: Nerve fibers, or axons, are thought to be damaged in MS in part because they can become flooded with toxic levels of sodium from the surrounding tissue as a consequence of the inflammation which is a hallmark of MS relapses. Phenytoin, an oral therapy that has been used extensively to treat epilepsy, was selected for this study because it blocks sodium channels, which are tiny pores that allow the passage of sodium into axons.

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Volunteers Needed: 


Volunteers are critical to our success! Whether you are looking for opportunities to give back to the community, or if our cause has a more personal meaning for you, we'd love you to join our team of volunteers!

To join our team or for questions, email getinvolved@nmss.org

Managing Heat and MS

Many people with MS experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms when the weather is very hot or humid or they run a fever. Activities including sunbathing, getting overheated from exercise, or taking very hot showers or baths can have the same effect. For example, some people notice that their vision becomes blurred when they get overheated — a phenomenon known as Uhthoff's sign. These temporary changes can result from even a very slight elevation in core body temperature (one-quarter to one-half of a degree). An elevated temperature further impairs the ability of the ademyelinated nerve to conduct electrical impulses.

Many companies have designed cooling garments & other types of equipment to help you stay cool, including vests, wrist/ankle/neck wraps, hats/caps and misters.  To select the appropriate cooling equipment for your individual needs, consider the following: 

  • What is the cooling garment made of?  What is its total cooling time
  • What is the garment’s weight? Is it designed to fit under or over regular clothing?
  • Will extra cool packs be needed to maximize the use of the garment?
  • As the garments utilize different types of cooling mechanisms (e.g., ice packs, evaporative cooling, phase-change), which works best in your climate?  
  • Will your health insurer cover items to help you keep cool?  If needed, the insurance billing code for cooling products is “E-1399: Durable Medical Equipment – Miscellaneous”.  If your health insurer denies the initial request, contact us for instructions on filing a health insurance appeal, as well as a sample cooling equipment appeal letter.

For additional information and for a list of vendors, please download our 2015 Cooling Equipment Information & National Vendor List guide.

Pledge your Support to the ADA

The National MS Society is working toward a world free of MS. We mobilize people and resources to drive research for a cure and to address the challenges of everyone affected by MS.

On July 26, 2015 we joined forces with disability advocates across the country to recommit to the progress made by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) since its signing 25 years ago. 

Pledge your support and recommit to the ADA. It's simple! We have the pledge form and message template available to you and ready to be sent to your Senators and Representatives. 

Pledge here today!


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