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Morgan Stanley Gives Back   

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One of the tenants of Morgan Stanley is giving back to the communities where their employees work and live. It's a great opportunity to help people, and it is beneficial for the staff to have fun together outside of the workplace. The concept of community outreach has been well received by the employees over the years and this year, for their second official time, Morgan Stanley will be back at Bike MS as a team, sponsor, and with a host of volunteers.

In 2014, Morgan Stanley’s first official time participating Bike MS, they won the Rookie of the Year award that goes to a new team that raises the most money.  The team showed up ready to volunteer, bike and have a great weekend. And those at the event wearing the official company t-shirts earned them through volunteering. For ten years, Morgan Stanley worldwide has dedicated the month of June as a time to volunteer so the timing of Bike MS is perfect.

This year, the South Jordan office has increased its fundraising goal. To reach that goal, they have done a variety of events. Events have included a donation based BBQ, a raffle of prizes donated by local businesses, a potluck, and a carwash.

The team is not only happy about supporting MS; they are happy about cycling. Many members of the Morgan Stanley team bike to the event, ride the century, and then bike home without ever even looking tired. A big thanks to team Morgan Stanley for being a part of Harmons Best Dam Bike Ride and for helping to cure MS!  

Upcoming Events

We’ll be taking a break from educational programming during the heat of the summer months, but keep your eye out for terrific upcoming programs in the fall:

6/27 - 28 Bike MS - Logan

7/21 Gender Differences in MS*

7/23 Gender Differences in MS*

9/5 Free From Falls - Boise

9/8 MS 101, West Jordan

9/12 MS Walk Northern Utah - Ogden

9/15 Preparing for MS Doctor Visits*

9/17 Preparing for MS Doctor Visits*

9/19 Walk MS - Idaho Falls

9/19 Walk MS - Twin Falls

9/19 Walk MS - Wood River

*Denotes a teleconference

See All Upcoming Events >> http://bit.ly/1FUPdJ3

Telling Your Story 

One of the most powerful tools for awareness is a compelling story. The story of your journey with MS can turn interested listeners into passionate donors.

To help you tell your story, the MS Society has created this short video by Brad Fitch of the Congressional Management Foundation on the seven elements of storytelling:

  1. The Want” – Beginning with the end in mind
  2. The Opening” – Set the state and establish the stakes
  3. Paint the Picture” – Details and the senses
  4. The Struggle” – Describe the challenge(s)
  5. Discovery” – Provide interesting and impactful facts
  6. We Can Win!” – Introduce the potential of success and joy
  7. The Button” – Finish with the request

This worksheet can also help you navigate the storytelling process. Storytelling is arguably the strongest advocacy tool and can be used online, in letter-writing campaigns, in conversation and much more. Become an MS activist and create your own story. Together, our voice is powerful and will move us closer to a world free of MS.


Volunteers Wanted: 


Volunteers are critical to our success! Whether you are looking for opportunities to give back to the community, or if our cause has a more personal meaning for you, we'd love you to join our team of volunteers!

To join our team or for questions, email getinvolved@nmss.org

Surviving the Heat of Summer 

There is no denying that summer in the Rockies can get hot. As the mercury climbs, many people with MS experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms. An elevation in core body temperature can come from exercise or heat, humidity, or running a fever. But the heat does not need to derail your summer plans. These tips can help you avoid overheating and aggravating your symptoms:

  • Drink a lot of water and use plenty of ice
  • Exercise in the morning, or in a cool environment
  • If you have commercial cooling garments, be sure to wear them*
  • Avoid vacationing in sunny and hot environments
  • Listen to your body and adjust activity accordingly
  • Wear loose, lightweight clothing that’s considered “breathable”
  • Enjoy cool treats like a Popsicles and smoothies
  • Try a cold soup like gazpacho for dinner
  • Pre-cool with a cold shower before going outside
  • Enjoy excursions in higher elevations

Enjoy your summer and look for strategies that work for you. Remember that summer is short. So savor the longer days, time outside, BBQs, and make the most of your summer! 

*Please contact an MS Navigator® at 1-800-344-4867 for a list of approved cooling product vendors.

Dont Know How Strong

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