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September 2015 eNews

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Leadership: Leaving a Support Legacy

Danny and Tami Velasquez have been leading the Price MS Support Group for almost 15 years. This fall, they are stepping down from an active leadership role, and we wish to recognize and express our appreciation for their incredible service. Those who participate in one of our Chapter’s many support groups know that the work of a support group leader is never finished! Leaders work hard to plan monthly meetings and often provide support for struggling members throughout the month.

Fifteen years ago, Danny and Tami attended a meeting with Chapter staff who were visiting the Price area. The pair received information about the work of the National MS Society but left wanting more local support and resources for their community. So, they started the Price MS Support Group. Now, 15 years later, anyone who attends the group (newcomers are always welcome!), can instantly feel the trust and camaraderie that exists amongst group members.

Danny is quick to credit the contributions of all the members to the positive group dynamics, but anyone who knows Danny and Tami will agree that their humility and compassionate leadership have made a tremendous difference. Danny will continue to serve as a member of the Board of Trustees, where he has been a Trustee for nearly three years. He plans to focus his efforts on rural outreach and development. Thank you for all you do, Danny and Tami! 

DannyTami Price Chapter

Upcoming Events

Join one of our upcoming events near you or online!

9/29 Making Treatment & Lifestyle Decisions - Twin Falls

9/30 Dinner of Champions - SLC

10/13 Tired of Being Tired?*

10/14 UofU Neurologist Meet & Greet- SLC 

10/20 MS 101 - Heber

*Denotes a teleconference

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Youngest Fundraisers

UTU Fitzgerald GirlsCatherine Reagan (age 9) and Riann Fitzgerald (age 5) are inspired to raise money for the National MS Society and Walk MS Northern Utah in honor of their Mom, Heidi Fitzgerald who lives with MS.  Heidi is the Support Group Leader for the Utah-Southern Idaho Chapter in Logan, Utah.  Her daughters help support all of her meetings and recently set a new record as the youngest fundraisers for Walk MS Northern Utah hosted on September 12th.

How they did it: The two girls held a fundraiser at Richmond Elementary in Richmond, Utah.  After gaining permission from their principal, the girls raised over $312 by asking their classmates and teachers to donate a dollar to help find a cure for MS!  Both Catherine Reagan and Riann walked with their Mom as members of Heidi Heroes at this year’s Walk.

UTU Youngest Fundraisers  


Volunteers Needed: 


Volunteers are critical to our success! Whether you are looking for opportunities to give back to the community, or if our cause has a more personal meaning for you, we'd love you to join our team of volunteers!

We’d love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering for our Dinner of Champions event hosted September 30th, or if you’d just like to volunteer with the chapter and make an impact in our MS community.

Email us at getinvolved@nmss.org to sign up or if you have questions about volunteering.

Parenting When You Have MS

We often have a picture in our head of what an ideal mom or dad looks and acts like, but parenting can take all shapes. Parents with MS and their children thrive through openness, understanding, love and security -- and you can provide that whether standing up or sitting down. Take care of yourself (manage symptoms and disease) to position yourself for as much involvement with your child(ren) as you want.

Watch this video and hear tips and inspiration from parents. 

Parenting with MS Video

You can also learn more about Family and Relationships by visiting our website. >>Visit Now

Self Advocacy in the Family

Family roles and responsibilities are as varied as the individuals within the family. As a person living with MS, you may see a need to change the structure of your family as well as the various roles and responsibilities of each family member. Questions and the need for new resources may arise as, together, your family tackles new roles and shifting responsibilities.

The following tools can help maintain a more fulfilling family environment.

Topics to consider

This information is designed to anticipate questions and identify appropriate resources to help you navigate family dynamics and advocate for yourself.


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