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The Healthcare Challenge is a competition for MS centers, doctors, rehabilitation centers, society vendors and other healthcare providers who participate in any of our 2014 Walk MS events. Teams have the opportunity to network with other healthcare providers and promote their business to potential clients, while strengthening their partnership with the National MS Society and supporting those affected by MS. The challenge allows those living with MS the opportunity to meet and walk with their healthcare providers in a fun and informal setting. Employees, clients, friends and family are all welcome. Team members can include walkers and volunteers.

Congratulations to our 2014 Healthcare Challenge winners:

Thank you to all those who participated in the Healthcare Challenge. We had 16 fundraising teams participating, raising over $54,000. Congratulations to this year's winners:

Top three fundraising teams (determined April 15 - $2500+ teams, final fundraising total below):


Amount raised
: $30,090
Walk site: Medford Lakes

s'myelin walkers

Amount raised:
Walk site: East Goshen Twp. Park 

Top three largest teams
(determined April 15, final team members below):

TRF Team members: 89
Walk site: Medford Lakes

Team members: 51
Walk site: Devon Horse Show & Country Fair
Good Shepherd Team members: 43
Walk site: Valley Preferred Cycling Center

Healthcare Challenge resources:

Getting started:

Healthcare Challenge winners will receive:

Top three fundraising teams teams overall, inclusive of all 14 sites (minimum $2,500+ by April 15)

*This is great opportunity for your team to congregate and rally before and after the walk, hand out company branded team t-shirts, breakfast, other giveaways. You can display company information and promotional items for walkers and volunteers, as well as your company banner.

Top three largest teams overall, inclusive of all 14 sites (determined April 15)

All team members and teams are eligible for additional prizes including VIP status and team awards. 

Thank you to our national sponsors

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