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Attend Walk MS in VIP style! We’ll hook you up with fabulous perks and benefits just for being a top fundraiser. Strive to join one of our clubs. We promise to help you get there.


Extra Miler ClubThere are certain people out there who go the extra mile.  You know who they are.  They rally everyone they know to get behind the cause and keep up their fundraising efforts until the end.  At Walk MS, the Extra Milers are the top three individual fundraisers for each walk location.  In addition to being recognized on our website, each Extra Miler will receive a special custom prize at the end of the year.

Elite Feet shades

It takes a certain amount of something special to become one of our top fundraisers known as the Elite Feet. The Elite Feet program is how we recognize and say a very special thanks to our top fundraisers who have raised $1,000 or more! 

As a thank you to our Elite Feet, the the following perks and rewards are yours:

Day of walk: Fast check-in is available on-site with your own Elite Feet registration line (for 2014 and 2015 members)!  Look for the sign just south of the regular check-in space.

Rewards for 2014/2015 Elite Feet members who have raised $1,000+ this year:  A special treat and VIP recognition during the walk!

2014 Elite Feet members: In addition to the special treat and VIP recognition during the walk, you will receive a personalized Walk MS Elite Feet recognition bib displaying your chapter ranking from last year! Just look for the Elite Feet Check-In area.

2014 Utah Elite Feet

2014 Idaho Elite Feet

Zack Clark


Michelle Jacobi


Stormy Simon


Laurel Lewis


Katie Johnson


Ashley Ferguson


Sharon Kerkman


Linda Slupe


Alisa Fullmer


Christopher Zahn


Kylie Mortenson


Sarah Dance


Sarah Cowley


Laura King


Rick Bouillon


Sandy Nelson


Susan Toronto


Gordon Myre


Andelyn Walker


Warren Daniel


Anna Figgins


Chris Nettleton


Bobbie Trujillo


Christina Babin


Kathy Camomile


Melissa King


Brian Connolly


Jeide Scott


Krista Anderson


Cory Mikhals


Tonia Davis


Angela Wilde


Ted Ripko


Cassie Angelos


Terry Jensen


Sarah Foltman


Amy Knapp


Dottie Basye


Gina Anderson


Keri Hawker


Rachel Messel


Rob Yeager


Grace Drouin


Nacole Ode


Tara Dimoh


Megan Nettleton


Earl Stevens


Mark Sosnowski


Mandi McKee


Matt Speck


Chery Rigby


Ronda Conger


Laura Bramwell


Lindsey Yeaman


Denise Hadley


Jean Weaver


Amanda Ellis-Graham


Glenn Harris


Stefanie Walker


Andrea Vlassis


Dallys Armenta



Shirley Angel



Lorrina Heisey



Amy Mayberry



Lucia Newman





TEAM 100% ClubTeam 100% Club

Teams with at least four members where every member of the team turns in $5 or more in fundraising are part of our TEAM 100% Club. By having 100% of their team members fundraising, these teams have shown they are 100% committed to Walk MS and its mission to create a world free of MS.

All teams achieving TEAM 100% status by two weeks before the Walk MS event will be listed on a poster, sign, or banner at the event. These teams will also be listed on our Walk MS website.

2015 TEAM 100% Teams

Walk MS Salt Lake City     Walk MS Boise Walk MS Northern Utah
Deanna's Divas  Wobbling Wanderers of Nampa        
The Francinators  Walks4thecure  
Katie's Crew  Lori's Pals  


Walk MS Idaho Falls



  Walk MS Twin Falls


    Walk MS Wood River

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