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Welcome to the Biogen National MS Society team page! Here you will find information on, and be able to join, any of our Biogen teams in support of the MS community. Our teams are open to employees, friends and family. Whether you participate in an activity or volunteer, we encourage you to join us and appreciate your enthusiasm to be a part of the Biogen team!

MS is a life-long, progressive, autoimmune disease that damages the central nervous system and, over time, this damage can cause physical disability and impair neurological functions like motor skills, vision and thinking. It is estimated that more than 2.3 million people are living with MS around the world.

Biogen continues to invest in a comprehensive approach to MS embracing clinical development, working to optimize real-world disease management and providing support services because unmet needs in MS remain.

At the core of everything we do are the people living with MS, and the community that supports them. We believe that educating about MS and its impact on people, society and our healthcare systems is paramount and we are proud to work with patient organizations to support these efforts.

At Biogen, our focus is neuroscience and we remain committed to our pioneering work for the MS community.

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