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Team in Motion Bike MS riders

Welcome to Team in Motion's Page

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Welcome to Team In Motion! Whether you want to Bike, Walk, Muck, or otherwise support the National MS Society, you’ve landed on the right page! Team In Motion is the National MS Society’s national team. We're a mix of Society employees from across the country and with our friends and family we have one destination: a world free of MS.

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Amount Raised:$56,438.03
Number of Gifts:633
Total Recruited:32

Amount Raised:$72,363.00
Number of Gifts:887
Total Recruited:209

Amount Raised:$0.00
Number of Gifts:0
Total Recruited:0
$0 Achieved

Amount Raised:$0.00
Number of Gifts:0
Total Recruited:0

Amount Raised:$8,276.01
Number of Gifts:143
Total Recruited:58

Amount Raised:$1,945.00
Number of Gifts:44
Total Recruited:16