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Welcome to KPMG's Team Page

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Welcome to the KPMG National MS Society team page! Here you will find information on the upcoming events: Walk MS, Bike MS, Muckfest MS and Challenge Walk.

KPMG has been recognized by the National MS Society (NMSS) as a Corporate Star - the highest level of recognition for corporate partners. This is a direct result of your commitment to community service.

In 2018, KPMG launched a national KPMG/NMSS network advocating for the NMSS mission. The network is a part of our effort to fuel the passions of our people in support of health, wellness and mentoring organizations that indirectly align with KPMG’s focus on lifelong learning. The network is charged with developing and activating a coordinated approach for a full spectrum of engagement with NMSS. KPMG professionals involved in local NMSS chapters through board service and executive leadership committees live our core value of being committed to our communities and encourage local office participation and employee engagement. They lead by example.

Consider joining a KPMG team! If you don’t see an existing team near you, start a new team. Contact your local KPMG Involve Coordinator or NMSS Partner Champion to find out how you can get involved.

National Team Page Coordinator:
Kristen Little
(212) 954-3280

KPMG Bike Team

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Amount Raised:$202,582.15
Number of Gifts:1852
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Amount Raised:$45,453.72
Number of Gifts:291
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Number of Gifts:132
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