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Welcome to PwC's Team Page

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PwC offices have supported the National MS Society through participation in Walk MS, Bike MS and MuckFest MS events, and the National MS Society is pleased to recognize PwC with the Circle of Distinction for raising over one million dollars in support of people living with MS.

Our firm’s participation in MS events is extensive, and with further participation, we can continue to make a significant difference nationally. The PwC National Team website is a platform to connect our teams and leverage off each other to continue to raise awareness about MS.

Consider joining a PwC team! If you don’t see an existing team near you, start a new team. Contact Sammy Miller, PwC National Team Captain at to find out how you can get involved.

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23741 23743

Amount Raised:$87,293.30
Number of Gifts:750
Total Recruited:84

Amount Raised:$10,761.00
Number of Gifts:116
Total Recruited:22
$0 Achieved

Amount Raised:$50.00
Number of Gifts:2
Total Recruited:2
$0 Achieved

Amount Raised:$1,588.00
Number of Gifts:29
Total Recruited:29

Amount Raised:$20.00
Number of Gifts:1
Total Recruited:1