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Often, our money follows our hearts. And that philosophy certainly rings true for Point B's relationship with the National MS Society.

Since 2004, Point B has shared a personal connection with Multiple Sclerosis. As our firm has grown from a single Bike MS team in Seattle, we've spread our culture of community involvement through our roles as fundraisers, sponsors, cyclists, and leaders in the NMSS and simultaneously deepened our connection to this disease. This connection and partnership has now grown into the single largest sponsorship and volunteer platform for Point B, our friends and our clients. Point B participates in Bike MS annually in eight of our market locations across the country. Our local Bike MS teams have invested their time and passion and the Society's purpose. These teams keep doing it every year because the rides are incredibly well run and the Society fills them with a great sense of camaraderie.

Over the years, Point B has generated well over $2 million dollars through our fundraising and sponsorships of Bike MS. And, we were the 9th largest national Bike MS team in 2018. There's more to come because of our passion for the MS Society and its mission, Point B's culture of community involvement and continue the fight against MS.

Lee Shaver
Phone: 503-345-9864

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Our commitment to the National MS Society
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