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Welcome to Starbucks' Team Page

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We believe that bringing people together, inspiring change and making a difference in people’s lives is all part of being a good neighbor. And it’s a commitment rooted in the belief that we can balance profitability and a social conscience.

Our goal is to strengthen communities by investing in key non-profits and by empowering and equipping partners to take action in their own neighborhoods.

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View the Starbucks National Team SPOTLIGHT page
Lead/participate/record a community service Project
Learn the criteria for Youth Leadership Grants (pdf)
Know more about our Community Stores
Participate in a Partner Match Gifts

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Tools & Resources

Guidelines & direct nonprofit organizations focused on youth leadership
Overall Starbucks Foundation funding areas
Partner Match Guideline (pdf)
Starbucks Community Service Guideline (pdf)
Starbucks Community Services Website

Partner Tip

Everyone has a role in supporting Global Community. One way is to record your financial donations and individual volunteer hours each fiscal year. See Partner Matching Gifts for more information and directions.

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Total Recruited:158

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