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Team Wingman Walk Team

Team Wingman started in 2012 when Chris Potter was diagnosed with MS at the age of 30. That year Rudy, Andrew, and Chris rode in their first Bike MS event to show that all is possible with your “Wingman” by your side, not knowing what an inspiration and movement Team Wingman would become. We continue to roll, stroll, and bike with our friends and family to help all those living with MS. Team Wingman is an inspiration for all those living with MS, and is inspired by the strength of those living with MS. It has been seen by many what’s needed to survive with MS and how tough it may be. Since the beginning, Team Wingman has participated in 8 Bike MS events, 5 Walk MS events, 1 Snowmobile Tour, and is registered for MuckFest.

Our goal is to raise $1 million to fund a cure for MS. Originally we wanted to reach $1 million by the time we were 65, but with the success we have had in fundraising and the growth of Team Wingman, it will likely happen within the next 5 years!!!

Team Wingman Mission Statement: Fighting for those who are in need, by providing support and awareness in a family-friendly atmosphere.

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