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Fundraising Clubs & Prizes

Fundraising Clubs | Prizes & Incentives | Mission First

Walk MS Top 400

Get moving and you can join a prestigious Walk MS club. Everyone and anyone can qualify to be a part of the Top 400. Raise as much money for Walk MS 2015 as you can, and the Top 400 people to do so are a part of the Walk MS Top 400, comprised of our Fabulous 400, Tremendous 200 and of course our Top 100.

The more money you raise, the more perks you receive! You earn your top fundraiser status this year and reap the rewards in 2016.

Click here to view the current 2015 Top 400 rankings!

Final rankings will be posted on January 1, 2016.


Top 100

This club includes includes our top fundraisers #1 - #100. Top 100 Club members receive:

Tremendous 200

This club includes our top fundraisers #101 - #200. Tremendous 200 Club members receive:

Fabulous 400

This club includes our top fundraisers #201 - #400. Fabulous 400 Club members receive:

All donations through September 30, 2015 (for Spring Walks) and December 4, 2015 (for Fall Walks) will qualify you for a Top 400 status in 2015.

View our final Top 400 for 2014!

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500+ Club

$500+ Club

This club recognizes those fundraisers who raise $500 or more at least 48 hours before their Walk MS event. $500+ Club members will receive an exclusive pair of Walk MS sunglasses and VIP Check-In at their event.

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Prizes & Incentives

When you raise funds to create a world free of MS, you earn great prizes! Last year, the average walker raised $300. The more you raise, the better your prize.

Participants who raise $100 or more will receive a commemorative Walk MS 2015 T-shirt when they check in at the event.

Prize levels above the $250 level will be available from our online prize redemption company. Reach for the stars, and earn great prizes including commemorative clothing, exercise equipment, electronics and more! After the Walk, you will receive your prize redemption certificate in your e-mail or in the mail. After you receive the certificate, visit the prize redemption website and complete the online process to redeem your prize. Prizes are shipped directly to you from the prize fulfillment center.

The Spring Walk MS 2015 Prize Deadline is June 13, 2015.
The Fall Walk MS 2015 (Bakersfield & South Lake Tahoe) Prize Deadline is December 5, 2015.

Click here to view the 2015 Walk MS Prizes!

Or, you can decide to put the Mission First by waiving your prize. This allows us to keep our fundraising costs at a minimum and put more money toward research, programs and services for more than 20,000 Southern and Central Californians and Nevadans living with MS.


Many of our participants who earn prizes generously donate them back to further support our mission - to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. By donating the cost of your prize back, you are directly helping the National MS Society put more money toward making a difference in the lives of those affected by MS.

2014 Mission First Club


Terrah Aldi Dolores Anaya
Deanna Anderson Peter Apollo
Lori King Bean Karen Bishoff
Jack Bock Micah Brogan
Maximilian Buschman Terri Cavanaugh
Kristen Denman Patty Dillin
Kristin English Starla Espinoza
Sara Fazio Barb Fitzgerald
Katie Fletcher Bob Generoli
Barbara Giesser Teri Gonzales
Vanessa Gorgano Sarah Gorney
Carrie Guerra Barbara Gray
Desiree Harris Ashley Haynes
Alicia Hengst Elise Herlihy
Tom Hoyt    Wendy Jolly
Samantha Silver Katzberg
Kay Kindig
Sherrie Kinnemore
Samuel Patrick Kirk
Carol Kirkum
Eric Kissack 
Sandra Kredo  Taki Lague 
Abby Lane  Julie Levin
Cindy Lockhart Kimberly Lockhart
Margaret Maldonado Brenda McCarthy
William McCue Debra McCurry
Ryan McDonough Allison Morgan 
Shelley & Lucy Mukerjee-Brown Julius Ngeru
Beverly Otsuka Bobbi Palmer
Kristen Patterson Jolene Patterson
Julie Perez Jamey Power
Sarah Quezada Leola Rector
Rhett Reeves Marie Rello
Sarah Roseland Glenna Ruoff
Sheri Safan Gene Saito
Karen Schwartzman Neal Siegel
Jessica Bromall Sparkman Debbie Speckmeyer
Kathy Stimson Shelley Stokke
Ilona Stone Valerie Sweet
Kathy Szabados David Tobman
Neil Torrey Audrey Townsend
Kelly Van Valkenburg Heidiann Villasenor
Stephanie Weiss Lori Wohletz
Lezlie Wooten Brittany Yaeger
Lisa Yaeger Matthew Zaroff


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