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How To Form a TeamRegister now

Don't miss out on the chance to share this journey of a lifetime with your family, friends, and co-workers - START A TEAM!

Why should I start a team?
Have more fun and raise more money! Crossing the finish line with your co-workers, friends or family makes the event even more memorable.

Jacki's Determined Soles at CWMS 2008

What is an official team for Capital Challenge Walk MS?
An official team is a group of four or more fundraising participants (walkers, Super Crew members, or virtual participants) who each commit to raising the $1,500 fundraising minimum.  After your four core team members register, crew members and volunteers can join too!  There is no size limit but every fundraising participant on your team must raise the $1,500 individual fundraising minimum to participate.  Only official teams are eligible for Team Awards and the Elite Feet Team Club.

Do Team Captains receive extra support?
Yes - we're here to help you recruit, fundraise, and build team spirit!  Teams, especially Team Captains, receive extra support and materials.


How do I form a team?
1. Pick a team name.
2. Register your team*
3. Send an email to your friends, family, and co-workers asking them to join your team or make a donation!  Remember to include a link to your personal web page.

*Teams can choose from two different registration methods:

Want to walk on a team without starting your own? Email and we will try to connect you with an open team who is looking for new members!

For more information about teams for Capital Challenge Walk MS, contact a Team Staff representative at 202.296.5363 option 2, or


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