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Run your first marathon. Climb the nearest mountain. Ride your bike from coast-to-coast. When we say do any athletic event and it's up to you, we mean it See some examples below!

Race Across the West

Imagine riding your bike. Imagine riding your bike a really long way. Imagine riding your bike from Oceanside, California, to Durango, Colorado. Imagine doing that in 3 days. Imagine doing that, with Multiple Sclerosis. That's exactly what Chris Ramsey, a 44 year old from Beaverton, OR, is going to do. In doing so, Chris will become the first person with MS to ever attempt, let alone finish, this bike race. 928 miles in 3 days.

Sahara for MS

Danielle Furey, a mother of four, an attorney and living with MS, completed the Marathon des Sables, a 156 mile, six day stage race across the Sahara Desert during which each participant is required to carry everything needed for their survival.


Mark Churchill signed up to climb Denali for his Aunt who is living with MS. Mark got close - oh so close - to the top of Denali. He had to turn back after some serious storms and heightened avalanche risk. But he didn't leave the mountain disappointed. Spending three weeks "on top of the world" was sublime. Climbing for Aunt Sally and others with MS, he cherished every exhausting moment - and ultimately raised almost $5,000

Kick MS Tournament

Mountain Brook, AL Junior High students "kicked" multiple sclerosis at their 4th Annual Kick MS Tournament to benefit the Society. The tradition began in 2013 after a dugout discussion led four friends to discover two of their teammates' mothers were living with multiple sclerosis.

Sk8 the State

Sk8 the State is not an easy roll on our skates, each year they roller-skate across a state to raise awareness and funds for MS.


Live Events

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