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Gold Spoke Club

ILD Bike MS 2014 Gold Spokes.jpgThe Gold Spoke Club is the Top Fundraisers Club for Bike MS. This privileged group of cyclists is comprised of the Top 150 fundraisers from the ride. As a Gold Spoke, you receive many benefits throughout the year, and it’s more than just possessing a low rider number.

Gold Spokes also earn the distinction of being the leaders of the Tour de Farms, our champions in scratching out MS.

Bike MS Gold Spoke Benefits Include:

  • One free entry and lunch at the MB Financial Bank Bike the Drive
  • Gold Spoke Club jersey
  • Rider number to correspond with fundraising rank
  • VIP reception Friday night in DeKalb
  • Gold spoke Priority start at Sunday start line
  • VIP Parking at Northern Illinois University
  • Recognition on the Bike MS  website
…and more to come

* Must reach $2,000 fundraising minimum

Mission Possible Club

Raise $1 for each of the 20,000 persons living with MS in the Greater Illinois Chapter area and you have achieved the highest current level of recognition within the National MS Society’s family of events. You will receive all the benefits of a Gold Spoke Club member as well as other perks for your commitment to move toward a world free of MS

Mission First Club

The Greater Illinois Chapter of the National MS Society purchases prizes each year to reward,recognize, and thank our top fundraisers for all their efforts. The “Mission First Club” provides an opportunity for fundraising participants to direct funds that would be spent on prizes back to our important mission of bettering the lives of those living with MS and to create a world free of MS. We want to recognize those generous individuals for donating their Bike MS prize back to the Chapter in order to help us continue to deliver quality programs and services to more than 20,000 individuals we serve throughout the 73-county territory.


We award our participants who go the extra mile for fundraising with the Bike MS Prize Center. To qualify for prizes, donations must be turned in by July 31, 2014.

Thank you to our premier national sponsors

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Live Events

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