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2014 Route Maps

All routes begin and end at the Central Missouir Events Center in Columbia, MO and feature rest stops every 10-15 miles, support & gear vehicles and first-aid stations.

Not sure which route you want to ride? That's okay, you can make a decision when you wake up at Bike MS -- or even once you've ridden a few miles and see how good you feel! Many cyclists ride a longer route on Saturday and a shorter route on Sunday. Ride whichever routes feel right to you.

Each route is clearly marked.  Please make note of the sign color of the route you wish to ride.  The opening ceremony is 7am Saturday.  If you start after 8:45am you MUST ride the 20-mile route or be driven to a rest stop.  This is for the safety of all cyclists.  The route closes at 6pm.  Riders still on the route will be taken by SAG to the finish.

Route Starting Times20 Mile Route - Sponsored by Mallinckrodt

If you want to hang out with your friends and family members and enjoy the full Bike MS experience, but the longer routes are not for you, check out our shortest route.

Download Day 1 - 20 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Download Day 2 - 20 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

40 Mile Route - Sponsored by GenPact

Our 40 mile routes are a great option for families and casual riders. Although these routes are shorter, they will still be challenging. The roads of Mid-Missouri have rolling hills and proper training is required.

Download Day 1 - 40 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Download Day 2 - 40 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

75 Mile Route

This is the main route of the Bike MS: Express Scripts Gateway Getaway Ride and the route the majority of participants ride.

Download Day 1 - 75 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Download Day 2 - 75 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Century (100 Mile) Route

Cyclists who want to challenge themselves can choose to ride the century route each day. The century loop has a turnoff in the 75 mile route that takes riders through additional countryside. If you ride the century route, please pick up your century patch at the first century rest stop each day.

Riders must be at the century cut-off on the regular route by 1:30pm on Saturday (mile 51) and by 10:30am on Sunday (mile 12) in order to finish the century route by the official route closing time (6pm).  Cyclists on the route after these times will be unsupported (no SAG support or rest stops).

Download Day 1 - 100 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Download Day 2 - 100 Mile Route Map
MapMyRide   PDF

Amish Country

On Saturday longer routes will take cyclists through Amish Country.  Please be respectful of their traditions and customs and do not take pictures of the Amish people.  Thank you for your consideration.


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