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Volunteering for the Walk

The success of the Challenge Walk MS is directly related to the wonderful volunteers who help make the event go off without a hitch. We welcome volunteers with a wide range of talents and skills.  There is only one requirement: to want to do something about MS NOW. There are many jobs to choose from including registration and cheering at the finish line!

Crew: a group of dedicated individuals that travels with us for three days supporting the Challenge Walk MS (see below for details).

Volunteers: Give a hand for an hour or a day and make a difference (see below for details).

Challenge Walk Volunteers


Please note: Crew members must pay the $75 registration fee to participate. This helps to underwrite housing and meal costs and to ensure that Challenge Walk MS donations go directly to our mission to end MS forever.

Crew members are not required to raise the minimum contribution. However, crew members are highly encouraged to raise at least $200 to become a "Super Crew " member.

What will I do as a Crew Member?

This will vary on your interests and your skills. Once you register online, we will set up a time to meet with you in person or over the phone to find the best fit. We need: doctors, nurses, EMT's, paramedics, physical therapists, massage therapists and people to support the route. We need people to set up the rest stops, supervise luggage, and distribute food and more. We will find the best place for you.

Will I be trained?

You will receive a Challenge Walk MS Guide and Crew Information Manual with detailed job descriptions for each Crew position. In addition, we will host a Crew meeting so that you will meet other Crew members and participate in a question and answer session.  CREW TRAINING SCHEDULE

How many Crew Members will there be?

There is limited space for Crew Members. Crew members are taken on a first come, first served basis. If you have questions about registering as a crew member, please contact us


Athletic Trainers/Physical Therapists (20)
Health professional crew members are needed to assist with morning stretches, and assisting with overall health and safety on the event. These crew members will be stationed at rest stops along the walk route and at the start and finish lines.
Requirements: Basic first aid knowledge or greater; athletic training experience 

Medical/First Aid (20)
Trained medical professionals are needed at the start, finish, on the route and at rest stops to monitor injuries and well-being of walkers.
Requirements: Paramedic, EMT, Nurse (LPN and RN), Doctor, Nurse Practioner, etc.

Ham Radio Operators (12)
Ham Radio Operators provide critical communication from check points and along route.
Requirements: Appropriate equipment and certification

Massage Therapists (20)
Help to soothe the aching muscles and feet of the hundreds of walkers who are putting their bodies to the test. Massage therapists are at rest stops and at finish each day.
Requirements: Certified massage therapists or massage therapy student with instructors

Rest Stop Assistant (20)
Join the rest stop crew and help refuel walkers with snacks and beverages along route.
Requirements: Good humor, ability to cheer and deal with hungry walkers. Some lifting will be required at each check point so there will need to be a few people that can lift at least 30 lbs.

SAG (support and gear) Drivers (12)
Provide transportation and support to walkers who need assistance along the route. 
Requirements: Must be 25 years or older to drive an event vehicle. Must provide a copy of valid driver's license and vehicle insurance. Must have own vehicle. Will have background check and driving record check done by Chapter

Bicycle Route Support (15)
Provide support to the walkers along the Challenge Walk MS route, on roads and on Cape Cod Rail Trail.  Provide support, encouragement, and safety. 
Requirements:  Must be at least 21 years old, have own bicycle, and ability to ride 60 miles or more a day. A helmet is mandatory.

Photographer (2)
Use your photography skills to capture moments of challenge and triumph. Must provide own digital camera.
Requirements: Strong photographic skills needed.

Videographer (2)
Professional videographers are needed to record events of the weekend from the start to the finishing ceremony.
Requirements: Provide own equipment.

Motorcycle Escorts (10)
Do you own your own motorcycle? Take it out on a 50-mile journey that you'll never forget. Assist with route support by patrolling the route and assisting where needed.
Requirements: Must be over 25 and provide copy of driver's license and motorcycle insurance. Will have driving record check done by Chapter


We need volunteer support throughout the year in preparation of the Challenge Walk MS. Please review the needs and sign up today.

  1. Cheering Squad - Help us organize groups to cheer the walkers on along the way
  2. Office support - Come into our office and help us prepare the materials we need to ensure information is being disseminated in a timely fashion
  3. Registration and check-in - Help keep the process running smoothly at the registration and check-in. 
  4. Rest stop volunteers - Assist Crew members at rest stops. Decorate it and make it a fun, festive checkpoint along the route. All supplies are dropped and picked-up for you.

There are many ways to help and we hope that you will join us. For more information, contact us.

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