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Core Values

Commitment—We are passionate in our commitment to people affected by MS. We strive to improve quality of life while searching for the cure.

Leadership – We are leaders in the fight against MS. Through creativity and hard work, we accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, promote quality health care, stimulate community resources and services, advocate for favorable government policies and are the world’s best source of information about multiple sclerosis.

Integrity – We are honest and straightforward in all that we do. We treat everyone with dignity and respect. We act responsibly with resources entrusted to us. We are accountable and act in accordance with these values.

Excellence – We set high standards of performance and service delivery and work towards excellence in our mission to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis.

Teamwork – We advance the interests of people affected by multiple sclerosis through individual and team achievements. We recognize our volunteers and staff as our most valued resources. We encourage collaboration across organizational boundaries.


National MS Society - Kentucky Southeast Indiana Chapter
1201 Story Avenue, Suite 200, Louisville, KY 40206
Phone: (502) 451-0014
Fax: (502) 581-1010






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