HOUSTON The FUN Mud Run Saturday, October 15, 2016

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On a warm Saturday, under a big blue Lone Star sky, over 1,500 runners, 150 volunteers and thousands of spectators gathered at Royal Purple Raceway to propel MuckFest MS Houston into the upper stratosphere of muck-tacularity!

It was a super-charged event from start to finish, fueled by that proprietary Houston blend of high-octane mud-thusiasm and HI-larious #MudZone heroics. And the fun didn't stop at the finish line. You kept the MuckFestival, refreshed by Traveler Beer, bumpin' with an impressive assortment of post-run shenanigans.

A big THANK YOU to all the fundraising individuals and teams. A special Thank You to our top two fundraising teams, Dirty Dudes and Divas and Boo’s Mucking Squad, for going above and beyond and for working so hard to capture the top spots. (See all the Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams.)

We not only had more runners than last year, we also had an incredible number of volunteers: over 150! We thank all the volunteers for their hard work with a special shout out to the awesome groups that helped make the muck-magic happen: Chavez High School National Honor Society students, the Spanish Club from Impact High School, the Village School and the PT Day of Service group. Thanks also to all the Volunteer Captains who jumped in with both feet to help make the event a rip-roaring success.

Thanks again to the good folks at Royal Purple Raceway for being such a great event partner.

Thank You

National MS Society Thank You Message

Thank you for coming out and making the 2016 MuckFest MS Houston such a great success. We would like to thank all the runners, volunteers and staff who came out to run, help and support each other this weekend. Every day of the year, we work hard to support people living with multiple sclerosis.

There is still time to support the mission behind the “muck”. We've made incredible progress so far and we want to keep that momentum going after the event. Make a donation online or call us.

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Houston's’s goal: $255,000
Amount raised to date: $82,984.01

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“It was a great event, so much fun for a great cause!”—Carissa B., Houston Mucker

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Photo Gallery

All of the awesome event photos, including the ones below, are available for you to download, print and share on social media! Saturday 10/15 Event Photos
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS
MuckFest MS
2016 MuckFest MS

Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams

Congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to our Top Fundraising Individuals and Teams*. You are truly a great inspiration to us all, and your hard work fundraising individually and as teams is sincerely appreciated.
Individuals 1. Jason Warshaw$2,905
2. Sheryl Hayes$2,310
3. William Malone$1,782
4. Chris Connor$1,555
5. Christy Hayes$1,485
Teams 1. Dirty Dudes and Divas$6,285
2. Boo's Mucking Squad$5,663
3. Emuckers$4,357
4. J Walkers$4,130
5. Boomers & Boomlettes$3,285

*Fundraising totals as of Monday, October 17. For current totals, visit the 2016 Leader Boards.


National Sponsor AbbVie
National MuckFestival Sponsor Traveler Beer Co
Local Sponsors Biogen
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