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Spectator information
Bike safety
Insider tips
Underage rider policy

Bike safety

Personal responsibility
Safety is a top concern on all Bike MS events. Even with all the safety and support systems in place, accidents can happen. Riders cannot rely on others to ensure their safety. It is the personal responsibility of each and every rider to keep themselves as safe as possible on this event.

Please read and follow the safety rules. If you have any questions regarding these policies, please call our office at 612-335-7900 or email

Rules of the road — how to ride in groups
Whether you’re on a road or a trail there are some basic safety rules to keep in mind when riding with a group.

Please ride single file on trails and no more than two abreast on the road. We have many riders participating in our events and it becomes dangerous on narrow shoulders and crowded trails when cyclists ride next to one another.

Stop at all intersections, even when a volunteer is present. It is your responsibility to look for oncoming vehicles.

Always pass on the left side and make sure to announce your pass by calling, “On your left.”

If you are being passed, please stay toward the right side of the trail or road and slow down to allow the other rider to pass safely.

Headphones or cell phones are not allowed while riding any Bike MS events. If you need to make a call, please pull over to the right and dismount before using your phone.

Route hazards
If you encounter debris or other hazards while riding, call the rider help line number on your wristband.

Courteous cyclists (signals and calls)
Verbal signals should be used whenever you’re riding around other people to help with passing, approaching vehicles or visible hazards.

Announce any debris, holes, etc., that could be dangerous to cyclists following you.

“On your left”
Indicate before you begin to pass. Wait for the bike in front of you to move to the right before you pass. Make sure to leave at least two bike lengths between you and the previous cyclist.

“Car up” or “Car back”
Announce at intersections or when riding on roads if you see or hear approaching vehicles either from the front or the rear.

Alcohol and drug policy
Consumption of alcoholic beverages during the ride is not permitted. If you are found under the influence, you will be asked to sign a release form and will not be supported on the ride for the remainder of the day. 

Please keep in mind that use of some drugs may impair your ability to ride safely. If you have a condition that requires the use of medication, please inform our staff so we can better assist you in case of a medical emergency.

Helmets are required for all Bike MS events. They must fit properly and the strap must be buckled at all times while on your bike.

Rider help line
In addition to support services on the event, a rider help line number will be provided. This number is directed to communications support and can assist riders or volunteers with safety-related needs such as route debris or mechanical difficulties.

If you are involved in an emergency, please dial 911, and then call the rider help line.

Bike shop mechanics
Three local bike shops sponsor Bike MS: Cruise the Cornfields. Bike mechanics will be available at the start of each day, at all rest stops during the day and at the overnight and finish. Get your bike inspected weeks before the ride and most serious problems should be discovered at this time.

Safety crew
You should only be concerned about two things: having fun and riding safely. Here are just a few of the volunteer groups who will be supporting you during the weekend adventure.

Intersection safety
Intersection volunteers are positioned to provide riders with assistance when intersections are encountered along the route. Note: These volunteers are not permitted to stop or direct traffic. All cyclists must take personal responsibility for their own safety when crossing an intersection.

Communications support
Communications volunteers are stationed at every rest stop along the route and in each of the support and gear vehicles. If you encounter an accident or other emergency, let a communications volunteer know.

First aid
All rest stops are equipped with first aid supplies and personnel.

Ride marshals
Wearing red jerseys, this team of experienced cyclists aims to help you reach the finish line safely. All ride marshals are trained in the rules of the road and the Bike MS ride.

SAG vans
Just can’t push another pedal? Look for support and gear vans and give the thumbs down signal to be picked up. You and your bike will be transported. NOTE: The trip to the finish line is not always direct. Be patient as we pick up other cyclists. If you only want a ride to the next rest stop, let the driver know.


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