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If you want to receive the MS Connection via email, please click here , fill out the form, and in the comments field type “Go Green.”

We promise to be vigilant and considerate in our use of this information, and won’t share this information with anyone outside of the chapter. By providing your email address, we will be able to communicate with you on a more frequent basis while offsetting the growing cost of print materials and postage. Not only that, you can help us in our continued efforts to preserve the environment.

In addition to receiving the newsletter electronically, you will also start to see the beginning of more e-communications from the chapter.

Heart to Heart Gifts

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Heart To Heart Gifts is a way to give a gift and a contribution at the same time.  These items will not be gifts that people forget about once they are gone, but will remind people of their friend's compassion and a way to give back. Money raised from these gifts will support programs and resources for people affected by MS, as well as research to help find a cure. For more information or to order your gift, visit http://www.hearttoheartgifts.org/.


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"Ask Pete the Planner"

Do you need help with financial planning? Click here to meet our new friend "Pete the Planner” and learn about his new book "What Your Dad Never Taught You About Budgeting," A funny book about a serious topic... Click here for more information!



Seeking interested people to contact your state legislators!

If you are interested in representing the needs of people living with multiple sclerosis to your elected state legislators either in writing, via telephone or in person, please send your contact information to lisa.coffman@nmss.org.

We will be scheduling meetings later this year with representatives and would love to have you join us and/or write letters to educate them on the needs of people living with multiple sclerosis in Indiana.

You can also leave a voice mail with your name, contact information and level of interest at -1-800-344-4867, option 2.

Energy Assistance Funds Available 
The Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority and Community Action Agencies throughout the state have over $106 million dollars available to help low-income and disabled residents pay their heating bills this winter.  These funds go fast - so if you are in need of assistance, please contact the community Action Agency in your area ASAP.
For information about how to apply in your area, please call
1-800-872-0371 or visit http://www.in.gov/ihcda/2523.htm.