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OHG Women of Courage Luncheon 

Women of Courage Luncheon

You are cordially invited to join us for the Women of Courage Luncheon to honor a woman who has shown tremendous courage in her life by overcoming significant obstacles, influenced others in their community. For more information on this event click here >>


Do you have a child or family member that is looking for college scholarship opportunities?

The Marvin Lewis Community Fund Scholarship was created to recognize and honor outstanding male and female student athletes from our region on an annual basis.  Candidates are evaluated based on a 1,000 word essay, established criteria of a minimum 2.75 grade point average, a proven commitment to the community, need and a varsity letter.

Are you interested in applying?

Interested students can complete an application for the Marvin Lewis Community Fund Scholarship by clicking here and submitting a 1,000 word essay about what the scholarship would mean to them.  The application will be available at http://www.marvinlewis.org/ starting January 15, 2009.  All applications must be submitted by April 30, 2009.


OHG Cintas LogoHave you ever wondered where you can get a shirt with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk MS or Bike MS logo?  Are you trying to get your hands on one of the fleece jackets that the staff wears with the Society logo?  Search no longer, because it is with great excitement, that we announce our new  e-store partnership with the Cintas Corporation!! Click here >>


  New Surveys Show Impact of Walking Impairment
on People Living With Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) that affect mobility have a significant impact on quality of life, safety, and financial and emotional health among many people living with MS, according to the results of two 2008 surveys conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. The findings, gathered from interviews conducted among representative samples of 1011 people living with MS and 317 care partners, provide new data related to the impact of mobility loss and walking difficulty on different aspects of daily life for people with MS.

For detailed findings, please click here to read the complete news release about the survey results.



Hearing the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis is never easy.

As parents, we all wish for our children to be healthy and happy -- to have lives without discomfort or loss. We want to be able to protect them and keep them from harm. Although your child or teen has been diagnosed with MS, your mission remains the same and the National MS Society is committed to helping you ensure the very best for your son or daughter.

Whether your child’s symptoms are relatively new or if you have been searching for answers for quite some time, the words “multiple sclerosis” can be very frightening. The important thing to remember is that each person’s MS is different. Some people may develop several symptoms while others may only have one or two, but most will never become severely disabled. Children with MS can grow up to lead full, enjoyable and productive lives. Learn more about the diagnosis and treatment of MS in children under 18.

If you are the parent/guardian of a child under the age of 18 living with MS, please complete a very brief survey  so the Ohio Valley Chapter can provide you and your child with the highest level of service possible.



Click here to watch the Join The Movement video

The National MS Society is a collective of passionate individuals who want to do something about MS now.  Together we can change the future and bring an end to multiple sclerosis. You can join the movement, in whatever way you choose and help move us closer to a world free of MS.  

Check out the links on the left of this page to find out how to volunteer, donate, join one of our events, attend an upcoming program or become an MS Activist.  For more cool ways to make your mark on MS and Join the Movement, click here.





Ohio Valley Chapter MS Connection

Find out what's happening at the Ohio Valley Chapter. Read the MS Connections Newsletter Winter 2008.

bike MS: Venture the Valley 2009 
 Bike Logo

If you have any questions regarding how you can participate, sponsor or donate to Bike MS: Venture the Valley 2009, please contact Bike MS Manager, Kimberly Neff at 513-769-4400 or kimberly.neff@ohg.nmss.org  

walk MS: Ohio Valley 2009
walk MS: Ohio Valley

If you have any questions regarding how you can participate, sponsor or donate to Walk MS: Ohio Valley 2009, please contact Walk MS Manager, Angela Brock at 513-769-4400 or angela.brock@ohg.nmss.org

MS Hope Jewelry
Now Available 

 The MS Bracelet of Hope and MS Necklace of Hope are meaningful symbols that one day there will be a cure for MS. Purchase this elegant jewelry and a portion of the proceeds will go to support the work of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National MS Society.
Employee Giving Campaign

 Join the MS Movement without leaving your desk. Designate the National MS Society as your charity of choice through your workplace giving campaign.

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i'm Making a Difference

Help build the global MS Movement through the Microsoft i’m initiative!

Microsoft’s i’m Initiative makes helping the National MS Society easy. Every time you use Windows Live™ HotmailŪ or Windows Live Messenger, Microsoft shares a portion of its advertising revenue with the Society. It takes just a few simple steps to get started, and after that, the more messages you send, the more you help.

Visit im.live.com to learn more and join now to make a difference. In 2007, Microsoft donated $100,000 to the National MS Society through the i'm Initiative, which had not yet included HotmailŪ.

Windows IM

MS My Way
My MS My Way
MS My Way 
Landmark survey highlights the role that technology plays in the lives of people living with MS
According to a new survey released this week in conjunction with the National MS Society’s National Conference, many people living with multiple sclerosis (MS) who experience visual, dexterity, and cognitive challenges report that technology plays a vital role in helping them live with the disease. However, relatively few are using the assistive technologies that could help them overcome many of these challenges.
For more information on the survey and the ways in which technology can keep people with MS moving forward, visit

Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc., Microsoft, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society embark on a landmark collaboration to help people with MS maintain their health and stay connected: My MS My Way

Face of MS

facesEvery face matters: every story counts. Explore the faces of MS.

Click for more information

Medicare Rx News

Studies show that early and ongoing treatment with an FDA-approved therapy can reduce future disease activity and improve quality of life for many people with multiple sclerosis. Talk to your health care professional and contact the National MS Society at 1-800-344-4867 to learn about ways to help manage multiple sclerosis and about current research that may one day reveal a cure.

National MS Society Website


 If you have been diagnosed with MS, and have not yet joined the Society, please contact us. Windows IM

Exceptional Rating 

 4-Star Rating

The Ohio Valley Chapter has earned a four-star, “exceptional” rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier charity evaluator, for our ability to efficiently manage and grow our finances. Click on the graphic above to view our rating page and read more about this significant accomplishment.