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Challenge Walk MS Publicity Tools

Cape Cod Challenge Walk MS Home Page

Cape Cod Times - Challenge Walk StoryWalking 50 miles in three days and raising at least $1,500 is worth some attention! The newspaper in your town wants to know what local residents are up to, and your participation in MS Challenge Walk is a great story! 

On this page are links to tools that can help you gain your 15 minutes of fame, or at least a few column inches of ink in the local paper! 

Sample Press Release and Letter
This first document includes a sample press release and a sample letter to the editor that you can personalize and send to your local newspaper. Be sure to include a photo of yourself from a past Challenge Walk, or if you're a first year walker, have a friend snap a photo of you on a training walk!

Email Template
This second document is an email template to reach out to college radio station program directors, but can also be modified for any local radio station.

If you need help identifying a local media contact, please feel free to reach out to the Chapter staff,

Good luck!

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