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April 14, 2012

Portland, OR


April 21, 2012

Vancouver, WA

Salem, OR

Bend, OR

Eugene, OR

Corvallis, OR

Southern Oregon (Central Point)


Eastern Oregon (Heppner)


  2012 Top 10 Teams       2012 Top 10 Fundraisers  
  Team Amount Walk Site     Fundraiser Amount Walk Site
1 Anna Banana Bunch $12,256 Bend   1 Jennifer Holloway $6,103 Portland
2 OSU MS Exercise $8,260 Corvallis   2 John Thune $5,203 Corvallis
3 All Saints Hope for the Cure $6,405 Heppner   3 Erin Bennett-Howard $4,790 Portland
4 Business & Professional Group $6,215 Portland   4 Ann Shipley $4,400 Eugene
5 MSBehavin' $5,930 Portland   5 Heidi Beckett $4,310 Portland
6 US BANK - TEAM REID $5,375 Portland   6 Dina Glassman $4,200 Portland
7 TATERPIKS $5,345 Merrill   7 Rebecca Brock $4,000 Portland
8 The Dog Pound $5,080 Portland   8 Michael Pongon $3,950 Portland
9 Team Tony $4,822 Portland   9 Melissa Allen $3,880 Bend
10 Providence Brain Institute $4,669 Portland   10 Nanette Reid $3,825 Portland
  2012 Top 100 Teams     2012 Top 100 Fundraisers

Every step you take and dollar you raise brings us closer to a world free of MS.
Please share your feedback to help us make 2013 even better!

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