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Using passion to fuel progress.

Featured Do It Yourself MS Fundraisers - see the creative ways fundraisers are fueling progress.

Kyle Schwarber

Featured DIY Event: Help Kyle Schwarber Break Through MS

With the help of his nephew, Kyle Schwarber of the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs, Dave Schwarber auctioned signed Chicago Cubs memorabilia to raise funds to help everyone affected by multiple sclerosis live their best lives.

When Dave Schwarber’s daughter, Amy, was diagnosed with MS in 2006, 22 years after his wife Barb was diagnosed, he said, "The good news - treatments became available that were so much more effective than when Barb was diagnosed, thanks in large part to the efforts of the National MS Society and their fight for the cure."


In 2008 Sober4MS co-founder John Simon was diagnosed with MS. After John’s diagnosis, Sober4MS launched their first DIY fundraiser and started seeing terrible concerts completely sober. They even dress up to be in theme with the performers.

La TableLa Table

This annual event is located in St. Cloud, MN. La Table features 3040 themed tables seating 624 people. Hostesses invite guests to fill their tables. Themes are unique each year and are incredibly creative and entertaining.

One Bite at a Time

One Bite at a Time hosted a 5 course menu served at a local restaurant in Philadelphia. The organizers charged per guest with proceeds benefitting the Society.

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