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Activism is a priority function of the National MS Society's mission to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. We advocate on behalf of people with MS and represent their interests in the public and private sectors. With the collective voices of the MS Action Network members, we move a little closer to that goal every day.

Recent Victories!
MS Activists Achieve Success


MS activists fight for changes that make life better for people with MS. It's a powerful movement with inspiring stories. Read more about the work of our MS activists.

Activists in Action

Activists in Action
Meet some of the people on the frontlines of MS activism and find out how to join in.

Public Policy Activists

Public Policy Activists
Converge on Capitol Hill

More than 300 MS activists arrived in Washington, DC recently to tell their elected federal officials about living with MS and the national policies that hurt or help them.


Medicare Part D

Basic facts, information, and resources to help you make important decisions about your Medicare Rx coverage. Learn more

Stem Cell Research

The Future of Stem Cell Research in MS

National MS Society's Statement on Stem Cell Research (PDF)

Hot Issues

New Social Security Disability Guidebook
Information on benefits and application process

Check Out the New MS Activist Blog
Follow news and updates at http://msactivist.blogspot.com/

In the News:

Join the Multiple Sclerosis Action Network

Join a movement. Foster change. Be an activist for people with MS. Sign up now to become a member of the MS Action Network.

The MS Action Network is a group of thousands of individuals who believe in helping people with MS achieve their inherent needs and rights through legislative and regulatory activism. By raising their voices together in response to tough issues, these MS activists effectively spread awareness and cultivate positive change. As a result, the MS Action Network is the leading voice in advocating on behalf of the approximately 400,000 people with MS nationwide.

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 Introduction to Advocacy
Why advocacy is important to people with MS
 Issue Briefs & Factsheets
In-depth reports on public policy aspects of MS research, disability rights, and access to quality health care, fairly priced health insurance, and appropriate long-term care options
 Federal Focus on Advocacy
Status reports on issues affecting people with MS
 State Legislative Trends
Reports on trends in state health and disability policy, and status reports on important issues
  Last updated October 10, 2007