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 Advocacy and Action Alert

In 1946 - before lobbying was a household word - the National MS Society began advocating for people with multiple sclerosis. Our first victory came four years later: in 1950, Congress established the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke within the National Institutes of Health. Work at the NINDS impacts millions of Americans and it receives over $650 million in federal funds annually. Nearly $60 million of that money goes directly to MS research.

The Society continues to advocate for the healthcare rights of people with MS and to promote public policy in the best interest of the disability community. From passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act to the Kennedy-Kassebaum Healthcare Bill of 1996, the Society’s integrated nationwide advocacy has been crucial.

Full-time advocacy staff works from our public policy office in Washington, D.C.  Representatives from our Chapter also attend the annual Public Policy Forum in the capitol each year. They join with National MS Society staff and volunteers from every state and bring our message to the Hill.

The advocacy vehicle of the Chapter is the Action Alert network. People with MS and their friends and relatives comprise this grassroots-lobbying network.  When issues arise in which letters, faxes, emails, or phone calls need to be made on a specific issue, members of the Action Alert network are informed and asked to respond.  Join the National MS Society’s Action Alert team. It’s a simple way to influence the governmental process.

here to join Action Alert and to learn more about advocacy.