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MS Harborfest Tugboat Muster

Date: Sunday, August 19, 2018

Open to the Public on the Maine State Pier!

On Sunday morning, tugboats from Portland will gather at the Maine State Pier for the start of the 18th annual MS Tugboat Muster. A classic part of the MS Harborfest Weekend, it features a 1 p.m. tugboat parade along the Portland waterfront, followed by tugboat races in the outer harbor and pushing competition between the tugs.

The Tugboat Muster begins immediately following the MS Lobster Boat Races. Tugboats from Portland Tugboat, LLC, and Winslow Marine have participated in the Tugboat Muster since 2000.

“The MS Tugboat Muster is a fun day for family and friends to show off what these waterfront workhorses do on a daily basis,” says Captain Brian Fournier, President of Portland Tugboat Company. “Helping fellow Mainers who live everyday with MS, dealing with symptoms that can change from day to day, and can take away their ability to work...that’s a very worthy cause.”

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