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There are many ways to support the fight against MS…

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Car Donations

Planned Giving

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What Does a Dollar Do?


Chapter funds are raised through special events such as the MS WALK and MS Bike Tours, and by traditional fundraising efforts. We are proud of our financial profile: we keep fundraising and administrative costs low while providing quality programs and services.

The National MS Society is a 501(c)(3) organization, and donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our tax ID number is 94-1294935.

Car Donations
Is it a lemon... Or a donation? It’s both: you can donate your used car, boat, trailer, or RV to the National MS Society!

Whether your jalopy is running or not, we’ll tow it away for you! All of the paperwork is taken care of — you just have to arrange pick up and sign the pink slip. Then you can take a deduction on your tax return. (Check out the IRS regulations online !)

America’s Car Donation Charities Center manages this program for us. They offer answers to frequently asked questions on their website, or you can call them at 1-800-513-6560.

If you have questions, contact Vice President of Development, Kristin Hessevia email or at 800-344-4867, (415) 230-6677.

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Planned Giving
Annuities? Bequests? Endowments? Remainder trusts? There are countless ways to support your favorite charity while reaping benefits for your family. To request one of the following booklets, contact Vice President of Development, Kristin Hesse, via email or at 800-344-4867, (415) 230-6677.
  • Creating a Legacy for Tomorrow
  • Creating a Legacy through Your Will
  • Creating a Legacy through Gift Annuities
  • Creating a Legacy through Charitable Remainder Trusts

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Stock Transfers
As people consider making donations to their favorite charities, it may not occur to them how suitable stocks and securities are as a vehicle to support nonprofit organizations like the National MS Society. Many investors have assets in the form of stocks or securities that they should consider donating rather than cash. There are benefits to giving securities directly to the National MS Society rather than selling them.

Stocks that have appreciated in value are a convenient way to give to the fight against MS. You can donate appreciated securities that you’ve owned for at least a year to the Society for their full market value. You receive credit for the full market value of the gift on the day it is made, and you avoid capital-gains tax. In other words, donating $5,000 in stocks for which you paid $1,000 entitles you to a tax deduction of $5,000! Since you are making a charitable gift, there is no capital-gains taxes due on the $4,000 appreciation.

If you own stocks that have depreciated in value, you can dispose of them by making a gift to the National MS Society. In this case, it’s best to sell depreciated stocks that have been held for at least one year and then donate the cash proceeds. Once you do this, you may claim a capital-loss on your tax return for the difference between what you paid for the stocks and the price at which you sold them. And, of course, you will also receive a charitable deduction for the full amount of your donation.

Securities may also be used to purchase a charitable gift annuity or to contribute to the Society’s pooled income fund. 

Simple How-to:
A gift of stock is so easy to make. If you would like us to work with your broker, just give us a call at 800-344-4867, (415) 230-6677.

If you just want to transfer stock to us, you can send a letter or fax information to your broker asking that a specified number of shares of a specified stock be transferred to the MS Society.  A copy of that fax or letter is then sent to the National MS Society to let us know of your forthcoming gift.

The information you need to transfer stock to us is:

Our Account #:                       101-185914
Our Broker:                            Mr. Jeff Brush, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter
Broker’s Phone #:                   415-693-7064
Our DTC#:                              015

            Our Legal Name:                  National Multiple Sclerosis Society
            Our Tax ID Number:              94-1294935

For more information on how to transfer stock to the National MS Society, contact Vice President of Development, Krisin Hesse, via email or at 800-344-4867, (415) 230-6677.

Pat can answer questions about various types of non-cash contributions, including the following:

  • Gifts of stock, real estate, and other assets
  • Gift annuities and the pooled income fund
  • Other types of planned gifts

Thank you for supporting our mission to end the devastating effects of MS.

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Tributes & Memorials
We all know someone special: someone we admire, respect, and love. Our relationships with these individuals are priceless, and honoring the people who make them possible can be especially gratifying. People in all walks of life are discovering that charitable gifts are a special way to commemorate their loved ones. By giving in honor of others you can help us in our quest to end the devastating effects of 
multiple sclerosis .

Whether you’re honoring the memory of a loved one or acknowledging someone on a special occasion, such as a birthday, graduation, or wedding, a charitable gift can be a meaningful way to express your appreciation for that person.

Many individuals make tribute gifts through cash contributions; however, other ways to honor and remember loved ones are possible. If you make a gift by bequest, your will can specify whom you would like to honor or remember. Or you may choose to give a gift of life insurance. Many families find their insurance needs change over the years; as a result, some life insurance may no longer be needed for its original purpose. An easy way to give the gift of life is to name the National MS Society to receive some or all of the policy’s proceeds. This gift can be designated as a tribute to a loved one.

To make a gift, use our secure donation  page— or for more information, contact us at 1-800-344-4867, (415) 230-6677, or info@msconnection.org.

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