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WVT Austin & Mom

Austin is a great supporter of our MS Movement. He is getting ready to become one of Youth Ambassadors so he can speak to the local schools about what MS is and how it affects him. He is also volunteers by speaking to local organizations about his life with MS, as well as joining in the fun at our local events.

Austin is a very unique 11 year old. By day, he is a typical sixth grade student. By night, he is a care giver for his mother while she lives with Progressive MS. Austin even knows how to give his mother her injection, which is something most 11 year olds have no comprehension of.

While at school, Austin is subjected to questions from his peers about his mother. Austin is frequently bullied and made fun of by other students regarding the longevity of his mother's quality of life. If he could change anything about his life with MS, he would like to educate his fellow students about MS so they would be nicer to him.

While Austin does have a unique lifestyle, he doesn’t let it get the best of him. One thing Austin is happy about is the fact that his mom is home all the time so he can spend more time with her. If Austin had one wish for his mom, it would be for her to walk again. Austin says if his mom had one wish for him, he thinks it would be for him to have a good life.

If Austin could make sure his mom knew one thing every day, it would be that he loves her and is always there for her.

Austin says living with MS is really hard, but it has its ups and downs and he just has to live with that, knowing this entire experience will make him a better adult.

When Austin is an adult, he wants to be a video game designer or a Physician, so he can help find a cure for MS. Since his mom has a strict rule in the house of “homework first”, Medical School is a possibility for Austin.

Thanks, Austin for sharing your story.