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Maryland Advocacy Day

MDM Advocacy Day 2009

More than 70 ordinary people turned activists participated in last year's Advocacy Day. During a fiscal year, like this one, characterized by a looming budget shortfall, these activists played a key role in securing funding for programs critical for people living with MS. The group's visits to legislators helped ensure that the Stem Cell Research Fund, which was facing drastic cuts, received adequate funding. This victory made it possible to continue the important basic research in this emerging field that could ultimately lead to breakthroughs in the treatment of MS. Additionally, the group successfully advocated for a hospital representative on the Maryland Health Insurance Plan board, which was previously dominated by insurance representatives. "Volunteers played a critical role in these tremendous victories," Eric Gally, President of Gally Public Affairs, said.

Join the Movement. Create Change. Be an Activist.

Our priority issues for this years
Maryland Advocacy Day are:

  • Pass legislation to eliminate the six-month pre-existing
    condition wait period for Maryland's high-risk insurance
    pool (MHIP - Maryland Health Insurance Plan)
  • $25 million in stem cell research funding is included in
    the state's operating budget (no less than $19 million)
  • Pass a resolution at the state level in support of federal
    efforts to eliminate SSDI/Medicare 24-month waiting period
  • Funding is included in the state's operating budget for
    individuals on the DDA waiting list to provide in-home
    supports for people with disabilities (including MS)

This one hour Teleconference Prep Call aims to bring 
you up to speed on the Chapter's public policy platform.

Guest Speaker: Eric Gally, President of Gally Public Affairs

February 17, 2009
Join us in Annapolis for the annual Maryland Advocacy Day.
Meet one on one with your legislators to discuss public policy
issues that affect people living with MS.
February 24, 2009