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Every Walk. Every Walker. Every Contribution Matters.

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Every day we come one step closer to our goal—a world free of MS. Every day we learn more about the disease and push for new treatments and programs to help people living with MS. None of it would be possible without the vital funds raised through Challenge Walk MS.

Since 2001, Challenge Walk MS participants, donors and sponsors have $73 million dollars to fund MS research and critical programs for people affected by MS.

Fueling Progress for People with MS.

Collectively, Challenge Walk MS and other fundraising efforts have helped accelerate research breakthroughs that change lives and will end MS forever.

  • There are more therapies specifically approved for treating and managing MS. and there are more potential MS therapies in development today, than at any other time in history.
  • MS is more quickly diagnosed, enabling early and sustained therapy to slow disease activity.
  • There is much greater awareness of the many symptoms of MS and ways to address them to improve quality of life.
  • Scientists are making breakthroughs in identifying risk factors that can increase a person’s susceptibility to MS, which will help lead to ways to prevent the disease.

In addition, we ensure each person with MS can live their best life with more connections to information, resources and others with shared experiences, and the voices of people with MS are heard and drive change wherever it is needed.

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