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The National Multiple Sclerosis Society is committed to expanding knowledge of MS, enhancing access to MS specialty medical care, and empowering people with MS to live as independently as possible within the limits of their disabilities, and to the maximum of their capabilities, within the least restrictive environment. These goals are achieved through national and local programs and activities that:

  • Promote and support knowledge, health, and independence.
  • Inform and educate people with MS and their families, professionals, public officials, and the general public about MS.
  • Provide support programs that help people with MS and their families cope with the changes and challenges that MS presents.
  • Help people gain access to community resources and quality, specialty health care.
  • Stimulate changes and developments in the community and public policy beneficial to people affected by MS.
  • Fill gaps in community resources.

Our programs are open to people with MS, their family members and friends, health professionals and the general public.  If you have multiple sclerosis or have an interest in MS, please register with our Chapter by calling 1-800-344-4867 or emailing vab@nmss.org.  Upon registering, you will begin receiving program announcements and invitations, our quarterly newsletter (MS Connection), research updates, and a quarterly magazine from our national office, Inside MS.

For more information about any of our programs, call the Chapter at 1-800-344-4867 or email your questions to: vab@nmss.org.



Please click to view the following publications from the Blue Ridge Chapter:

MS Connection: A quarterly publication from the Blue Ridge Chapter.

Programs Press: A monthly bulletin about upcoming programs, services, and events. 

Weekly E-list Updates: Weekly email updates about research, news, programs, and events.   



  KNOWLEDGE Programs

  Educational programs

  Knowledge Is Power: The Knowledge Is Power (KIP) program is a free, at-home educational series for people newly diagnosed with MS and their families.

  Library and Literature

  MS Learn Online

  Professional Resource Center





  Wellness Scholarship Program:  An incentive for everyone with MS to Get Fit and Stay Fit!  This scholarship is not need based and can be applied toward membership fees at any exercise facility or towards the exercise activity you choose no matter how simple or strenuous. 

 Rx Assistance programs

  Cognitive Function Games

Websites recommended by Dr. Kathleen Fuchs for games that provide cognitive stimulation.


A program for couples managing MS together.    

  Young People with MS



 Financial Assistance Program

 Medicare Part D