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Gold Club Challenge

will you be one of the 500? 

Gold Club logo

Gold Club Challenge:
The National MS Society challenges you to become a Gold Club member by raising $500 or more for Walk MS.  Our goal is to have 500 members by the end of this fundraising season! Will you accept the challenge?

Why Accept the Challenge:
Every dollar you raise means more funding for MS research, programs, services, and advocacy for individuals living with the daily challenges of MS.  In fact, your $500 could...

  • Help purchase medical equipment for someone who is not financially able
  • Pay for Respite Care Services
  • Help underwrite the cost of installing grab bars in someone’s home
  • Cover a year's expenses for Self Help Groups across Mid South
  • Underwrite the program fee for 25 couples to attend the annual Discovery Weekend
  • Help cover the cost of putting a lift on someone’s car

People living with MS are counting on you and me to step up to the plate and do something about MS NOW! What are you waiting for? Accept the Challenge Today by emailing

See who has accepted the challange!


wall of fame

All 2010 participants are eligible to join our exclusive Gold Club by raising $500 or more to fund MS research, programs, services, and advocacy.  If you accept the challenge of raising $500 or more for this year's Walk MS, let us know and we'll add your name to the Gold Club Wall of Fame!  Happy fundraising!



Challenge Accepted!

Karan Graham-Gallatin
Christy Koban-Collierville
Bradley Peterson-Cleveland
Eric Sneed-Nashville
Audrey Stradford-Nashville
Amy Wirtz-Collierville







Challenge Achieved!

Karan Graham-Gallatin
Christy Koban-Collierville
Bradley Peterson-Cleveland
Amy Wirtz-Collierville 







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