Group Ticket Packages

Buying a group ticket package is the most convenient way to get four or more people* registered for MuckFest®. No extra purchases for each person and people can register when they want to. It's perfect for family and friends, coworkers and colleagues, or your favorite clients!

*Minor policy: Runners must be over the age of 10 on the day of the event to participate and registered minors must be accompanied by an adult or designated adult participant. Please visit our Registration FAQ for more information about minors participating in MuckFest events.

Available Ticket Packages

4 tickets
6 tickets
8 tickets
10 tickets
15 tickets
25 tickets
50 tickets
75 tickets
100 tickets


*Price includes processing fees for all tickets, but does not include any applicable sales tax. Please note there are a limited number of packages available at the $6,510 price.

Important: You cannot split the tickets between two or more MuckFest event cities; your group ticket purchase is for one MuckFest city only.

PLEASE READ: Redeeming your tickets to register for the event

After you buy your group ticket package, you and your teammates must use the code in your confirmation email to redeem your registrations.

Buying the group ticket package does not automatically register you for the event. Each person will need to complete their event registration using your group package code.

In order to be assigned to the same wave time, you and your teammates must officially form a team for MuckFest. For more information on forming or joining a team, visit our FAQs.


What are the benefits of Group Ticket Package vs. individual tickets?
For Group Ticket Purchases, all fees are included. The prices for the packages are fixed and are not subject to increases. Buying a Group Ticket Package reserves your places at the event and allows your team to register at their convenience. In addition, as some of our event days sell out, buying a Group Ticket Package and registering early assures your team’s place at the starting line.

Why is the group price per ticket more than individual tickets?
Prices for individual tickets increase as we get closer to the event, so at a certain point the per ticket Group price will be lower than the individual ticket price.

What if I need more tickets than the offered packages?
You can purchase multiple packages to accommodate your needs. You can also supplement your Group Package purchase with individual ticket purchases.

Why am I not registered after I bought the Group Ticket Package?
The Group Ticket purchase reserves spaces for you and your group, but registration is separate process to confirm who will be coming to the event.

How do I set up my team and get others registered?
We recommend that the first person registers with the Group Ticket code and selects ‘Start a new team’ in the registration process After that, share the team name and the Group Ticket code with others and they can join the team as they register.

How do I use my Group Ticket Package code?
Enter your code in the Discount Code field on the payment page and click Apply Discount. The registration fee will be removed and will show a zero balance due, unless you added a donation or t-shirt purchase to your registration transaction. If you get an error message, check that you’ve entered your code correctly (with no spaces). If you continue to receive the error, please email with your code and request help with registering.