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MS Movers
oving Against MS for 20 Years
Barbara and Weezer
Twenty years ago Barbara Sager participated in her first Walk MS and she has been walking ever since. Both Barbara’s mother and grandmother had MS. Barbara never knew her grandmother and her mother was in her 20’s when she was diagnosed. Barbara was 5 and remembers clearly the day that MS appeared in her life. Her mother was a very active woman while on a family vacation one morning Barbara’s mother woke up and was unable to get out of bed. Life as they all knew it changed dramatically. This day was a turning point it was the beginning of what would be a very debilitating and quickly progressing diagnosis.

Each year, Barbara participates in Walk MS and raises between $8-10 thousand. Initially she walked for her grandmother and mother who could not. Now she still walks for them but also for the many friends she has made over her 20 years. For 20 years Barbara has walked and raised money no matter where her life took her. She has walked while in Melbourne, Australia; Edinburgh, Scotland; Arlington, VA.

That is not where her involvement ends. Barbara began teaching yoga in 2001 while still working her “day job.” She became interested in yoga programs for people with limited mobility and got herself certified. She went on to teach the limited mobility class to a local support group. This is where she met Nancy her friend and namesake of their Walk MS team Weezers Walkers. Barbara currently teaches several yoga classes for people with limited mobility at the Monmouth County Park System and main stream yoga.

As the Mid Jersey Chapter celebrates the 20th Anniversary of Walk MS, Barbara celebrates her 20th Anniversary of changing lives of those who are living with MS. In 20 years Barbara has seen many changes in the treatment and diagnosis of MS. There are now medicines available to choose from to treat MS where there were none for her mother and grandmother. Join Barbara as she walks again to help create a world free of MS. Click here for Barbara’s website.

2007 Weezers Walkers