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Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis can be overwhelming and devastating, especially for those who feel there is no one to relate to. When someone receives the diagnosis of MS, one often has to face certain challenges and changes in their life. Receiving support from other people with MS or a professional counselor can help alleviate those fears and apprehensions. Education and support are important because one can receive emotional connections and good information that will be helpful in coping positively with multiple sclerosis. The National MS Society is pleased to offer emotional support through our programs and services to persons with MS and their families at no charge.


Support Services can help…

  • Adjust to diagnosis of MS
  • Sort out your feelings
  • Manage the uncertainty or unpredictability of the illness
  • With family relationships
  • With relationship issues
  • With role changes
  • Manage stress
  • With caregiver concerns
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Communicate your needs
  • Access resources
  • Be heard and supported
  • With employment issues
  • With parenting concerns


Our emotional support programs and services include the following:


Want to talk to someone online about MS? Visit MS World  and connect with others NOW!