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Keep S'myelin

Keep S'myelin is a colorful newsletter filled with stories, interviews, games, and activities that highlight a variety of topics about multiple sclerosis.

Issues are available in an interactive online version (Flash), or original print version (PDF).
To be mailed free copies of printed issues, call your chapter at 1-800-344-4867.


Activity Book (PDF)

KS: Issue 24
Issue 24:
Special Help

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 23
Issue 23:
Kids Talk About MS

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 22
Issue 22:
MS Across the Year

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 21
Issue 21: Connecting with Others
Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 20
Issue 20:
MS Around the World

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 19
Issue 19:
Where's the Cure?

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 18
Issue 18:

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 17
Issue 17:

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 16
Issue 16:
Family Changes
Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 15
Issue 15:
Moving with MS
Interactive | PDF

KS: Issue 14
Issue 14:
Invisible Symptoms
Interactive | PDF

KS: Issue 13
Issue 13:
Fun Activities
Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 12
Issue 12:
MS Fatigue

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 11
Issue 11:
Feelings and MS

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 10
Issue 10:
MS Treatments

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 9
Issue 9:
Healthy Families

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 8
Issue 8:
MS Around the World

Interactive | PDF

KS: Issue 7
Issue 7:
This Is About You

Interactive | PDF

KS: Issue 6
Issue 6:
Tools Can Make
Life with MS Easier

Interactive | PDF
KS: Issue 5
Issue 5:
Family Life

Interactive | PDF
Issue 4:
School Life

PDF version only
Issue 3:
MS Symptoms

PDF version only

KS: Issue 2
Issue 2:
Feelings and MS
Interactive | PDF

KS: Issue 1
Issue 1:
Intro to MS

Interactive | PDF


Keep S'myelin is an award winner!

Silver—WWW Health Awards  

2005: Silver—WWW Health Awards

2003: Gold— Astrid competition

2002: International Summit Creative Award

We acknowledge and thank Claude Martinot of Claude Martinot Designs for her original and imaginative design and delightful illustrations for Keep S’myelin.

Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS
Produced by the National MS Society

VHS or DVD format, 15 minutes


Timmy’s Journey to Understanding MS is an animated cartoon that shares a little boy’s (Timmy) adventure learning about MS. David Lander is the voice of Captain S’myelin, who is Timmy’s guide on his journey. The cartoon is an excellent resource to talk to children about MS.

We thank Janet O’Brien and the Allegheny District Chapter for conceiving of and developing the Timmy’s Journey cartoon project. To purchase a copy, please contact your chapter (1-800-344-4867).

Attention Big Brothers and Sisters!
There is a place for you too. Share your experiences with other teens.

Visit Teen InsideMS
For kids and teens who have a parent or relative with MS
Courtesy MS Society of Canada

The whole family lives with MS. It can change family routines and personal interactions in a variety of different ways. Family resources are available in our Family and Friends section.

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