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2008 Louisville IRONMAN - Tri4Sue

   Three Triathletes Finish    
2007 Team Tri4Sue

Sam Rock, Todd Hustetler & Matt Montgomery

Living their Motto:
tri like you mean it


Sam Rock started Team Tri4Sue in honor of his mother who has MS.
The team is using their participation in the IRONMAN as a platform to raise money and awareness for the National MS Society.

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I want to thank you for taking the time to consider making a donation or being part of our team. Sam & Kendra  My family has struggled with MS for over 20 years.  We understand the battle, the frustrations, and also the hope.  The MS society really is the main source of HOPE for those who live with MS every day.  They provide assistance to the individuals and their families as well as fund research.

I could have never done this alone or without constant thoughts about my mother.  Someday there will be a cure.  

                                                                                                          Sam & sister Kendra


Sam created a video that I hope you watch and we have uploaded photos of people with MS and our training. 

TriForSue on YouTube

I started TRIFORSUE last summer with two good friends named Todd Hustetler and Matt Montgomery, which helped me form the 2007 Team TriForSue.  We met while training for the Ironman.  I was personally dedicating my efforts to my mother and hoped to raise additional funds for the KY/IN MS Society.  We are now embarking on a much broader mission to use the Louisville Ironman as a rally cry to raise money and awareness for MS. The KY/IN MS Chapter has supported our event so that donations can be made directly through this website.

Todd & Sam

For those intending to be Ironman, we’ve set up a training bulletin board at:

We will continue to post rides, swims, meetings, etc., that relate to our MS fundraising efforts and our training program for Louisville IM ’08. 

Please email me for information at:  

Take care and good luck.


Sam Rock




Live Events

Please check back as events are added regularly!