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TXQ Madison T

My name is Madison Timmons, and I was diagnosed with MS on March 12, 2007, at the age of 13. Before I got sick, I was an avid tennis player,  loved being outdoors, and loved going to concerts. We went to Las Vegas to see STYX, and on the way back to Amarillo, I lost the feeling in the left side of my body.

Two days later, I was placed in the hospital for Dehydration, perasthesia, and pneumonia. No one knew what was wrong. Finally, we found out that I had Multiple Sclerosis.

Ever since then, I have gone through good times, and bad. I have lost friends, and gained some. I have to quit tennis in the summer, but I plan to play once it cools off.

I fully believe that God gave me MS as a gift, and I intend to pursue using that gift to help others. I am working on becoming an M.S. Ambassador, a peer counselor, and all in all becoming me.

I would have to say that between shots, steroids, and being sick in general, the shots seem to be the thing I dread, but with the bad, comes the good, and there is ALWAYS a silver lining.

Getting MS really put life into perspective. Everyday that I can walk, talk, and live my life almost normal is good enough for me. I am SO fortunate that I have been blessed with the body that can be as healthy as possible. I pray for everyone with it, everyday.

I am so fortunate that I have family, friends, a wonderful church, and legs that I can walk with.

I thank each and everyone that has helped me. The list goes on and on. Thank you!

-Madison Timmons