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eBay Giving Works
Get on eBay and turn your extra stuff…into the stuff of dreams!

The National MS Society and eBay have joined forces to bring you a unique way to help find a cure for MS. Now you can sell an item on eBay and donate from 10% to 100% of the net proceeds to benefit the National MS Society.

Turn your lure into a cure. Your bear into care. Your scope into hope. Clean out that closet or garage or attic. You can sell practically anything on eBay and donate a percentage of your net proceeds to the National MS Society. You get a tax deduction and that great feeling that comes from being a part of the team that's fighting MS.

The money you donate from selling an item on eBay can also be applied toward your pledges collected for an upcoming MS event like the MS Walk, MS Bike Tour or MS Challenge Walk.

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Giving Works
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Step-by-Step Guide
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How Does It Work?

MissionFish, a non-profit organization specializing in on-line charitable auctions, developed Giving Works for eBay. Although items will be posted through MissionFish, they will appear with all other listings on eBay. In addition, MissionFish offers sellers the added benefit of the Giving Assistant, a tool that will help walk you through the registration and listing process. Questions? MissionFish's customer service department will be there to help you.

Six Steps to Help Fight MS

  1. Get registered
  2. Choose an item to sell
  3. Write an item title and description
  4. Take a digital photo
  5. List your item
  6. Complete your transaction

Get started!


Susan Blomenberg—"In two months of selling on eBay, I've raised almost $700. You'd be surprised."
Neil Buckley plans to auction five top-end Ibanez guitars, all signed by famous artists.


Last updated December 5, 2006