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MS Clinics

bernie_mimi There are three MS Centers in Oregon affiliated with the National MS Society: The Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center, The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Oregon at OHSU, and The Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center.

The Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center provides symptom management, disease treatment and patient/family education for veterans newly diagnosed with MS and those veterans with well-established disease and a broad range of disabilities.

The Multiple Sclerosis Center of Oregon at OHSU provides consultation for people with multiple sclerosis. Neurologists who specialize in treating MS can provide an evaluation and recommendation for treatment andsymptom management. The Center staff work closely with rehabilitation medicine specialists, physical, occupational and speech therapists, and urologists to provide recommendations to your doctor.

Dr. Cohan and patient The Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center provides comprehensive medical care and support for patients with multiple sclerosis. Recognizing that the needs of individuals vary greatly, the care and support of each patient is structured to address the specific needs and preferences of that patient. The goal of treatment is to help each patient minimize the impact of multiple sclerosis on his or her life through use of medication, therapy and support services as needed.

For more information, contact the Oregon Chapter, National Multiple Sclerosis Society.